Hand-Me-Down to the Heart

Hand-Me-Down to the Heart

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Megan made even a Hefty Cinch Sac look amazing! She was tall, thin, thoughtful, and my older idol cousin from NY.  Who knew some thirty years later that her hand-me-down dress would still hold space in my closet; and NOT because it fits!

I can remember the orange shag carpet beneath my feet in the floral wallpapered room of Megan’s when she said, “wait one minute, I have the perfect dress for you”.  For Megan, I am sure this was a swift exchange, made with quick contemplation.  But for me, the younger cousin, it was a tremendous treasure!  

Today, as I glimpse the dress in my closet, memories flash from the adventures of a post college cross country road trip to the excitement of a first date with my now husband.  It is not the car in our driveway, nor the roof over our heads, but the memorable fibers of life that remain in our heart.
  • Your writing is beautiful, Spencer, and provides readers with a valuable message. Thank you for your insight. Thank you for sharing.

  • This post really touched my heart!❤️ I hope you know how dear you are to me! Love you beautiful lady!
  • Your blog posts say something about your personal values, Spencer. There is a sentimental quality to memories about Megan, but it relates to someone you looked up to and appreciated for her good taste, just as you and David appreciate builders for their commitment to quality and excellent workmanship. Small wonder that Top Shelf has beautiful, to-be-desired houses. (And to think you once questioned your ability to write well! I'm impressed and delighted.)

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